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I’m Jeuelle Sam, Mother, Physician Assistant, wellness advocate, and your new best friend!

Jeuelle Sam

Hey there!  My name is Jeuelle Sam and I am a health coach and a certified physician assistant.  I completed my training as a physician assistant from Howard University in 2002. I am also an NSHC Certified Health Coach and an Amen Clinics Certified Brain Health Coach.  My passion is to encourage people to pursue brain healthy lifestyles and reach their greatest health potential.

Over my extensive career as a physician assistant, I was able to see the ravaging effects of mental illness in our communities.   As a psychiatric physician assistant, I worked with patients who were battling depression, anxiety, stress, and other mental imbalances.  My greatest joy was found in the time I was able to spend with my patients, coaching them on the ways to live a brain-healthy lifestyle and improve their holistic wellness- mind, body, and spirit.  

As a wife, mom, certified physician assistant and health entrepreneur I can relate to the weight of stress and responsibilities that are weighing down on women each day.  Whether you’ve got kids, you’re waiting on kids of your own, or the kids are already off to college you know that mom life is not for the faint of heart! We all have to find a way to juggle and keep it all in balance, or at least try to, LOL.   The struggle for balance can certainly overwhelm the best of us at times. Living a brain-healthy lifestyle builds our resilience and helps us live a balanced life.

Our family’s journey to a brain-healthy lifestyle came through personal battles with depression, anxiety, and stress.   My husband and I knew that we needed to make a shift in how we were living our lives and make some improvements to our health behaviors.  

While we deeply value the support and care from our mental health providers, we know that a lot of the work to maintain a brain-healthy lifestyle begins in our home. 

Achieving balance and brain health requires a multimodal approach and over the years we have completely incorporated the Fit Brain Lifestyle into our daily life.

Teaching our children how to be resilient in the stress-filled world we live in and how to cherish their own brain health is one of the greatest gifts that we can give them.   I want to continue to teach moms how to establish brain healthy lifestyles for their families and give their own children the skills needed to reach their highest health potential.

As a brain health coach, my goal is to help others develop a healthy lifestyle that will not only affect their lives but also their family’s wellness and the generations to come.  I do hope you’ll stick around and join us on this journey to better brains and better lives.

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