Cane Garden Bay Tortola

tortola cane garden bay

Tortola is a quaint, small island in the British Virgin Islands.  Consisting of only 21 square miles and gloriously perfect beaches it’s a perfect spot for those looking for peace and quiet on vacation.  These qualities have made it one of the most popular cruise destinations in the Eastern Caribbean.  There are many flawless beaches on Tortola and Cane Garden Bay is one of the most popular, for a very good reason.

tortola british virgin islands

I’ve been to Cane Garden Bay twice (once on a cruise and once while staying on nearby Scrub Island) and both times I was in awe of the perfection of this beach.  It’s a short 15-20 minute ride from the cruise port. Since it is one of the more popular beaches on Tortola, there are always taxis or minibuses waiting at the port for transport to Cane Garden Bay; when you are ready to leave there are usually multiple taxis waiting there as well.

tortola cane garden bay

The scenery of Cane Garden Bay parallels the perfection of the actual beach.  Lush mountains surround the bay and boats are almost always sitting far out in the bay, gently bobbing on the water.

cane garden bay tortola british virgin islands


The clarity of the water here is among the best I’ve seen in the Caribbean.  The flawlessly calm water in the bay is perfect for relaxed swimming and water play, particularly for younger visitors.tortola british virgin islands cane garden bay

cane garden bay tortola british virgin islandsThe beach is quite clean with multiple vendors, including chairs and umbrellas at reasonable cost, restaurants and bars as well as souvenirs.  On our first visit, the beach was nearly deserted, with a few families strolling and playing in the water.  Our second visit was via cruise and the beach was, understandably, quite busy.  Even though we were late getting off the ship we had no trouble finding a chair to rent and our time there was equally enjoyable as the first.

tortola british virgin island cane garden bay

If you are visiting Tortola on a cruise or on a restful vacation in the British Virgin Islands, be sure to visit Cane Garden Bay.  You won’t be disappointed.

What is your favorite beach destination, anywhere in the world?


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  • Komal says:

    It’s been a dream of mine to visit there one day.

  • Molly Elmore says:

    Tortola looks gorgeous! As winter gets into full swing, I dream of playing in the clear, tropical water. Thanks for inspiring me to plan a winter vacation!

  • WOW! Tortola looks serine and perfect. I love the mountains surrounding the ocean, just stunning! I can’t get over how clear blue the water looks!!

  • Marie says:

    This looks absolutely gorgeous! It would be too hard for me to choose 1 place in the world. I guess it depends what you are looking to achieve. But I guess, if I wanted some nice relaxing holidays. I would add the British Virgin Islands to my list. 🙂

  • You lucky lady Jeuelle, I’ve never been to the Caribbean before, but it’s always been on my wishlist. If I had to pick my favorite beach in would probably be Noetzie in South Africa. It’s very similar to Cane Garden Bay but instead of houses surrounding the bay there are 6 or 7 castles. It’s like a fairy tale

  • Wow. Look at the color of that water! Stunning. I love the photos with the rain off in the distance. It’s one of my favorite times to go to the beach.

  • Elizabeth O says:

    Cane Garden is such a beautiful place to visit. This is such an eye-opener because of its stunning views.

  • Shell says:

    Wow this destination is absolutely lovely!i hope so much to be able to visit here someday:)

  • Karolina says:

    This is such a beautiful place. I really badly need the beach right now! My fav beach in the world might be in Croatia, or in the Canary Islands or in Goa – I can’t possibly decide! 😀

  • Talina says:

    I’ve never heard of this place before but it looks gorgeous! I would love to visit one day! xo

  • Samantha says:

    I’ve never heard of Cane Garden, but it’s stunning! I love how clear the water is. I went to Paradise Island in the Bahamas on a cruise stop. It was very busy, but it was so nice to relax on the beach for a while! The beach is my favorite place.

  • I’ve never been to the Virgin Islands, but it looks gorgeous! It actually reminds me a lot of my Hawaii home!

  • I wish I were going to a sunny place right now. The beach does look clean and really nice! the color os the water is so light too!

  • Sneha says:

    Wow amazing pictures.. I will love to visit Cane Garden with my family sometime next year.

  • Maria says:

    the pictures are amazing! What a great vacation destination, looks like an amazing time, especially if you love the beach! 😀

  • Agnes Vazhure says:

    I’ve been there last year and I say that this is such a beautiful paradise I have ever seen in my entire life. The perfect scenery and views are so fulfilling to visit. I want to revisit this soon this 2018. Hopefully.

  • I had not heard of this island before … and now you are giving me serious beach wanderlust! The beach looks so clean and inviting. I am glad you had a wonderful family time there.


  • Ellie Plummer says:

    This looks like a beautiful place to visit. I have never heard of Cane Garden but I would love to visit.

  • Ariel says:

    I loved going to Tortola, British Virgin Islands. I am glad to hear you enjoyed your time here too. Your pictures are stunning. I love how blue the water is. Your pictures are stunning.

  • Tiffany Yong says:

    The Cane Garden Bay is indeed pretty clean, that’s a plus point for me if I’m visiting a beach. The beaches in many parts of Asia are often dirty, cloudy and polluted with litter~ I hope there are more beaches like this!

  • Taslyn Russell says:

    Such a beautiful destination would love to go there.


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