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It’s a known fact that the holiday season at Walt Disney World is absolutely magical.  With four parks to enjoy the Christmas season in it can be easy to overlook some of the different offerings available for your enjoyment.  Holiday’s Around the World is one unique celebration found at Disney, located in EPCOT park in the World Showcase.

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5 Reasons to Love Disney Very Merry Time Cruises

I am a Christmas junkie.  I love the music, I love the decorations, I love being surrounded by the warm fuzzies every day of the month of December.  I also love cruising (in case you hadn’t noticed by now) and I clearly love Disney!  Disney’s Very Merry Time Cruises combine three of my most favorite things and if you haven’t enjoyed one yet, here are 5 reasons to plan a Very Merry Time Cruise with Disney for your family.

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Disney Fantasy- Travelogue Day 5- Star Wars Day at Sea


Star Wars Day at sea was our 5th day on the Disney Fantasy. I am the only Star Wars Fan in my family; my hubby enjoys the movies but is not a Lucas geek like I am. My girls were able to see Episode VII a few weeks after the cruise and they actually enjoyed it. But while we were sailing, they didn’t have more than a cursory knowledge of all the characters.  Nonetheless, we all had heightened anticipation when we began the day, looking forward to the fun atmosphere around the ship and the special programs that would be held that day.

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