Are you ready to reboot your mental health by building healthy eating habits?

Learn how you can build clean eating habits and improve your anxiety or depression even when you feel overwhelmed!

This program's enrollment closes on January 31st 2022


You know you need build healthy eating habits but you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed and just plain exhausted...

Everyone knows that healthy eating is an important part of their wellness but so much gets in the way.

Unbalanced moods and poor focus

Anxiety, depression, irritability, poor concentration, foggy-headedness...  These parasites were around long before the madness of 2020 but over the last two years they have completely taken over our minds and bodies, making life unbearable and making many of us feel hopeless.  

Stuck in quarantine eating habits

Not many of us expected the stress of the pandemic to last this long... Now that we are still adjusting to our "new normal" all of our survival and coping habits, especially our emotional eating and uncontrolled snacking, need to be placed in check.  But how do we get back in control?

Feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start

Most women are already overwhelmed every day, just trying to keep their heads above water. Keeping our families healthy, maintaining our homes and careers, being present in our marriages and with our kids... It all seems like it's too much!  We know we need to eat more healthy foods but who has time to research the best diet (paleo? keto? gluten-free?) and scour the internet for details?

Hectic pace of life

Even though our lives have changed drastically in the last two years, in many ways life is just as hectic, if not more!  We have new responsibilities, constant adjustments to make, fears about our future and uncertainty about our present.  How do we build a healthy lifestyle, in the middle of all of this?  

The Clean Food, Good Mood program is designed for women just like you who are ready to hit a hard RESET on their brain health.

In this 4 week online course you will learn how to feed your body in a way that promotes a healthy mind-body balance!  Through weekly lessons, coaching support and easy tracking, you will be able to build healthy eating habits that are sustainable and will support your mental health!

The Clean Food, Good Mood group program is designed to


Improve not just your moods but your energy. levels, your focus and your immune system.


Take back your sense of control and calm even in the face of anxiety, depression, ADHD, and chronic stress.


Build sustainable healthy eating habits that you can maintain long after the excitement wears off.  You'll be confident in your ability to make smart, healthy choices for your own mental health and wellness.


Create a healthy diet that will nurture and health your brain from chronic stress and illness.  Change your mindset around food and healthy eating by learning how to eat clean while still enjoying foods you love and being creative in the kitchen.

Clean Food, Good Mood

Clean Food, Good Mood is an online group coaching program that empowers women to overcome anxiety, stress, depression and a host of other brain health concerns by adopting healthy eating habits.  Over 4 weeks, you will learn the simple foundational elements of a sustainable clean eating lifestyle that will help to detox your system, nurture your brain and promote a balanced mind and body.

Space is limited!  Enroll now and join the exclusive group of women who are ready to reclaim their brain health through clean eating!

Here’s what other women are saying about our brain health courses and coaching

Charla V.

WOW! This was such an incredible time of learning for me. I knew my thyroid was where I needed to spend the most time, but as I went through the brain health program, I realized how many other things I could improve. But Jeuelle's incredible gentle optimism gave me the feeling that I CAN do it, and that it's worth the work. Thank you!!

Tasha D.

Jeuelle packs her courses with valuable health and wellness information in an easy to understand way.  I am a clinician myself and I have learned so much about brain health that I didn't know.  I'm extremely grateful for the training.  It was well worth more than what I paid to join!

Amber P.

Jeuelle was an amazing coach for me.  She really took time to listen to my personal needs and develop a plan around that and what was going on in my personal life.  I truly felt that she always had my best interests in mind and would think outside the box if needed.  She helped me develop skills and good habits to get through the program but skills that I also continue to use this day!  Jeuelle has really been a blessing!!

Clean Food, Good Mood Program

In just 4 weeks you will be able to revamp your diet and lifestyle habits in a way that will boost, nurture and protect your brain health (and your immune system)!


Week 1: Clean Eating Made Simple

From the beginning, you will establish a healthy mindset toward rebooting your daily diet.  Understanding the key elements to clean eating, you can create a simple, actionable plan to support your brain health, balance your moods and improve your general sense of wellbeing.


Week 2: The Clean Healthy Plate

The food you put on your plate is potentially the strongest tool you have complete control over in your fight to support your brain health. This week you will get clear, simple guidelines on how to reclaim your eating habits and create healthy, balanced meals.


Week 3: Overcoming Stress and Toxicity

As much as we hoped 2021 would give us a break on the levels of stress and anxiety, it's pretty clear, there is no escaping it.  In this week's lesson you will learn how to protect your brain by adopting simple but powerful health habits.  You'll also discover how to eliminate toxins from your diet and decrease the effects of chronic stress through the foods you eat.


Week 4: The Power of a Healthy Gut

A healthy gut is crucially important to not just your brain health but your immune system!  In this week's lesson you will learn how your gut health affects your moods, your focus and concentration.  You will have a clearer understanding of how to improve your gut health through diet and the reduction of stress.


These carefully crafted bonuses are designed to support your journey, provide personalized encouragement and help you stay organized!

Bonus 1
Personalized text coaching throughout the program

Your decision to reclaim your brain health, improve your moods and boost your wellness deserves personal applause and attention!

During the four weeks of the program you will have access to coaching and encouragement from Jeuelle through messaging/text on the coaching platform, which includes an app.  Receive personalized guidance, encouragement and support to help you make your new brain healthy lifestyle sustainable and uniquely tailored to your needs.

Bonus 2
Clean Food Good Mood Exclusive Support Group

We are all feeling the need for love and support these days!  Especially because of this season of social distancing and a lonely "new normal".

You won't be working through Clean Food, Good Mood alone! I've curated an exclusive support group, located on our online learning and coaching platform.  You'll be talking with other women, just like you, who are passionate learning how to improve their moods and their health through clean eating habits.  Share your wins, get feedback and share tips while on this journey together.

Bonus 3
Recipes and meal tracking

Building new, clean eating habits becomes much easier when you've got access to delicious healthy recipes and you're able to keep track of where you are, currently and where you want to go.

When you enroll in Clean Food, Good Mood you'll have access to our course platform which features easy meal tracking, mood journals, planners and more.

You'll also receive a booklet of healthy recipes that will help you be more creative in the kitchen while still nourishing your body in a healthy, clean way.

Reclaim your brain health with Jeuelle

Jeuelle Ottley Sam has been a physician assistant for almost 20 years and she is also a certified Amen Clinics Brain Health Coach.  As a mental health clinician and holistic wellness coach Jeuelle’s greatest joy is found in the time she spends with her clients, coaching them on the ways to live brain-healthy lifestyles and improve their holistic wellness- mind, body, and spirit.  

Following the Amen Clinics method of integrative psychiatry, she approaches mental healthcare and education from a biological-psychological-social- spiritual point of view, focusing on healing for the “whole person”.  Jeuelle creates her courses with a passion to help clients reclaim their brain health by nurturing their whole health through sustainable wellness lifestyle habits.

Clean Food, Good Mood is your roadmap to a healthy mind and a strong body

You have two choices on how you will begin your journey to optimal mental health and wellness through this online course!

CLEAN Food, good mood

Study and implement on your own



  • Access to the Your Fit Brain online learning and coaching platform (website and app) featuring food and mood journals, habit trackers and more
  • Instant delivery of the the entire program including recipes and meal plan
  • Modules delivered on a weekly schedule 


CLEAN food, good mood
group program with coaching 

Personalized coaching, accountability and community



  • Access to the Your Fit Brain online learning and coaching platform (website and app) featuring food and mood journals, habit trackers and more
  • Personalized coaching and accountability via text/messaging throughout the 4 week program with Jeuelle
  • Access to the Exclusive Clean Eating Community for encouragement and tips.
  • Modules delivered on a weekly schedule 

Course Enrollments close on January 31st 2022


Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect at the end of this program?

After completing this program, you will be well on the way to achieving the balanced brain health and holistic wellness lifestyle you need to help you remain resilient in this new year.

You'll feel confident that you finally understand how to take care of your brain health by eating clean and keeping your body strong against the effects of stress.

You will finally feel in control of your brain health future and not just a victim of genes, chronic illness or the stress of life.

How long is this program ?

Clean Food, Good Mood is a 4 week group coaching program featuring direct chat coaching with Jeuelle, a certified brain health coach.  Each module will be delivered to you weekly over the 4 weeks so you don’t get overwhelmed and so you can stay focused on the weekly content at hand.  

Do I have to complete the program in 4 weeks? 

No, you do not.  You will have access to the Clean Food, Good mood course content for one year after you begin the course. 

Your access to the support group and your chat coaching sessions with Jeuelle will only be available for the initial 4 weeks after the course opens.

You can return to the course content for one year after the course starts, as necessary and implement the changes at your own pace.  This is crucial to your ability to establish and maintain change down the road after Clean Food, Good Mood has ended.

My wish for you...

As we continue to walk through this difficult season, I want to provide women with the encouragement and the knowledge they need to combat stress and it's effects on their health- from their emotional health to their physical health to the health of their families and loved ones.  

I am proud of this clean eating program as it is the foundation for a healthy mind and body.  You are not stuck with the brain you have, with the health you have.  You can start living a life in emotional and physical vibrancy, even in the midst of trying times!  I look forward to starting this journey to a balanced mind and a strong, resilient body, with you!  I'll see you on the inside of Clean Food, Good Mood!

Your Fit Brain, LLC

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