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Building healthy and resilient workforces through integrative approaches to mental health and wellness.




As your corporate wellness consultant, I work with your organization to inspire a resilient and productive workforce by teaching holistic mental and physical wellness support.  Through this approach to lifestyle wellness and coaching, I offer engaging and personalized programs designed to help your company reach its goals while supporting and nurturing the health of your employees.

Let's build your healthy, engaged workforce, together.

Hi, I'm Jeuelle!

I've been a certified physician assistant for almost 20 years and I am also an Amen Clinics Certified Brain Health Coach. 

Over my extensive career as a physician assistant, I've been able to see the ravaging effects of mental illness in our communities. As a psychiatric physician assistant, I work with individuals who are battling burnout, chronic stress, depression, anxiety, and other brain health issues.  

My greatest joy is found in the time I am able to spend with individuals, coaching them on the ways to live a brain-healthy lifestyle and transform their holistic wellness- mind, body, and spirit.  

Workplace mind-body wellness topics:

  • burnout & stress management

  • ADHD support

  • healthy sleep routines for mental health and productivity

  • self care for busy professionals

  • anxiety support

  • depression support

  • lifestyle transformation to support mental health

  • nutrition for mental health and wellness

  • women's wellness community

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