Discovering the Colonial Quarter in St. Augustine, FL

st augustine colonial quarter

One of the reasons we love living in central Florida is that it is easy to road trip around FL and see all that this unique state has to offer.  We travel occasionally to Jacksonville with my husband for work and on our last trip we spent a few hours at the Colonial Quarter in St. Augustine.

St. Augustine is just about two hours north of the Orlando area and has a host of interesting sights to see and experience.  As it is America’s oldest city, it is practically overflowing with history and is full of learning opportunities for the whole family.

flags colonial quarter st augustine

The Colonial Quarter is located in the heart of the city, across from Castillo de San Marcos.  Within this 2 acre park there are many options for families to explore and experience together.

Tour guides in full costume and in character make the whole experience so much more engaging

colonial quarter st augustine


colonial quarter blacksmith st augustine

The blacksmith demonstration was very well done, showing us how the fire was used to manipulate metals for various uses

There are guided tours offered and as your family tours the grounds you’ll find exhibits highlighting the16th,17th and 18th century life and history in the city!

The tours are included in the price and occur 4 times a day- 10:30, noon, 1:30 and 3:00pm.  The tour guides are totally in character and in costume and really engaging with the information they have to share.

You are allowed to tour the grounds on your own as well if you don’t want to participate in the tour. We joined the tour which was very informative and afterwards we walked back to the exhibits we wanted to spend more time in.

The musket demonstration was really fun for the kids, though we all had our ears covered because it was LOUD!

colonial quarter st. augustine

The tanner’s house in the Colonial Quarter really tickled the kids as they thought there was a real person asleep inside 🙂


colonial quarter st augustine

The kids loved climbing this old watchtower and the views were expansive and beautiful..

Castillo San Marcos is just across the street from the Colonial Quarter which makes for really nice views from the cool 17th century watch tower.

watchtower colonial quarter st augustine

The kids loved the little watchtower which had small seats for us to rest a while and take in the view

castillo de san marcos st augustine

The fort grounds are sprawling and beautiful with views of the water channel.  Even if you don’t pay the separate entrance fee to tour the fort, spending time on the fort grounds and enjoying the views are a easy activity that’s sure to engage the kids.

castillo de san marcos st augustine

The grounds of the fort offer lovely vistas of the water way and the coast of the city

The Colonial Quarter grounds also features a couple restaurants, a gift shop and a large open entertainment space where there is live music and performers most evenings during the week.

entertainment area colonial quarter

In this small square in Colonial Quarter there are live performers and special events throughout the year.

And because it’s all in the heart of Old St.Augustine, you are only steps away from the vibrant culture and bustling streets of this amazing town.

shopping colonial quarter

Quant shopping corners in the Colonial Quarter lend to the historic atmosphere

If you and your family are planning to visit St. Augustine, you must plan to spend an afternoon at the Colonial Quarter.  It will certainly be fun for the kids and adults, alike.

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  • Eva says:

    These photos remind me of our visit to Williamsburg’s historical area in Virginia. I have to check out St. Augustine. Our kids are history buffs.

  • St. Augustine sound very interesting. I’ve been to so many spots in Florida, but never St. Augustine. I think it’s time for a visit!

  • Carissa says:

    We went to St. Augustine, Florida a couple of years ago and loved it. I didnt get a chance to visit this attraction but I would love to go back!

  • Patranila says:

    I had no idea there was so much historical richness in Florida! It’s funny, my only associations are Miami and Disney and those are certainly not bastions of history and culture. LOL!

  • Kita says:

    My kids and I love visiting Florida. We have been to a few places. Adding St. Augustine to our list.

  • Mimi Green says:

    St. Augustine has good family fun. I appreciate that. I want to bring the kids to Orlando. Maybe we can visit this place as well.

  • Kristin says:

    This looks like an awesome trip! I enjoy learning the history of the cities I visit. My mom is from St. Petersburgh, FL, I’ve never been to St. Augustine, will definitely add it to my list

  • RaNesha says:

    I learn something new everyday which why I love reading blogs. Thanks for sharing photo’s and information about St. Augustine I’m glad we have plans to visit soon.

  • Tiffany says:

    I would enjoy living in Florida as well, so many things to do and see. I like seeing the characters dress up, this reminds me of the Boston tea party museum in Boston, they also dressed up in characters as well. Glad the children enjoyed.

  • Daria says:

    I’ve never had the opportunity to visit here, but will add this to my list of things to do! It sounds very interesting from your visit. Thanks for sharing!

  • Tione says:

    I visited Florida once but I missed out on all of these discoveries. I should consider taking another trip.

  • I had no idea this area existed. When I visit FL, it’s usually the FLL/MIA area.

  • Joyce Brewer says:

    St. Augustine would be a great, short trip for us to Atlanta. I’ve got to add this to my must-see list.

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