Disney Cruise Adventures: Anyone Can Cook Classes

anyone can cook

One of the things I love about Disney cruises is that the ship schedule is packed with a bounty of activities for the entire family to enjoy.  One activity that we love to partake in is the Anyone Can Cook classes.  While there are cooking classes by the professional chefs offered specifically for adults, with complimentary wine pairings (for those who indulge), there are regularly scheduled classes in the awesome kid’s Oceaneer’s Club and Lab for the whole family to enjoy.

anyonecancook chef

During our last cruise on the Disney Fantasy the girls and I were able to attend the cupcake decorating class in the Oceaneer Lab during open house hours.  The kid’s clubs offer open house hours daily throughout the length of the cruise; this is a special time when parents can join their kids in activities or just in exploring the clubs in general.  This is particularly helpful for families with kids who may not be comfortable staying in the club by themselves;  it allows them to experience all that the club has to offer, with the comfort of their parents and other family members close by.  These hours also allow the parents to indulge in special family time with their youngsters.

anyonecancook chef 4

Shortly after our arrival were greeted by a chef inspired by Ratatouille who gave us some tips on how to create the best and most beautiful cupcakes to be served in “the restaurant”.  She was a real character 🙂

anyonecancook instructors 2

We filtered into the Lab’s activity room where several tables were already set up and prepped for our activity.  They even provided us with adorable paper chef hats!  We were able to choose which colors we wanted for the icing and also what decorations we wanted to add.

anyone can cook selfie jordan

At the end we were allowed to stuff our faces with the saccharine creations and make a grand old mess with the left over icing and sprinkles.

anyone can cook Jasmine

It was more fun than I thought it’d be and on our next Disney cruise I will surely try to attend more classes as a family.  You can find my travel diary from our last Disney cruise here.

Have any of you had a chance to enjoy a cooking class on a cruise or anywhere, as a family?

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