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norwegian escape food republic
We sailed the Norwegian Escape a while ago because A) we are cruise lovers who found a great off season deal and B) it was the newest ship on the market at the time and we wanted to experience all the bells and whistles for ourselves.  This cruise was a girls cruise (my best buddy and my two daughters sailed with me) and fortunately we are all foodies!  We had Food Republic high on our list of places we wanted to eat during our cruise on the Escape.  Food Republic was all over the NCL website and promotional videos we’d seen.  It was also featured in a lot of Youtube videos by other cruisers.  This was clearly the place to eat if you were headed onto the Escape and we wanted to see for ourselves.  Well, the restaurant totally lived up to the hype.

food republic norwegian escape cruise

Modern decor & gorgeous views
Most people associate the Escape with modern cruising, a chic Miami vibe and trendy dining.  The decor of the Food Republic restaurant on the ship is all clean lines, simple chic styling and wonderful views.  There are low and high top tables for diners as well as seating up at the bar where you can watch the chefs at work.
 norwegian escape cruise food republic
Eclectic menu
It is obvious that expert care went into creating the menu at Food Republic.  Their menu remains one of the most diverse menus that I have ever encountered!  The fusions of culinary styles, the execution of each dish and the presentation were all top notch.  The servings are appetizer or tapas sized so it was easy to sample several dishes and try new things.
food republic norwegian escape cruise line
food republic norwegian cruise line escape
Totally cool ordering method
I wasn’t completely prepared for the ease of the unique ordering system at Food Republic.  After being greeted and seated by the friendly hostess the wait staff comes by, takes your drink orders and offers a brief overview of the ordering system.  All orders are placed by the diners on easy to navigate tablets that sit on the table.  The tablets offered vivid pictures and detailed descriptions of each dish.
norwegian escape food republic cruise
We took our time, placed our initial order on the tablet and then our food appeared on our table after a short while via the wait staff.  We could order additional food at any time and take our leisure in enjoying the meal.  It was really nice not having to wave down a waiter to order another serving of our favorite dish!
norwegian escape cruise line food republic
Ridiculously good food
Aside from the awesome dining experience and ambience, the food was superb.  Each and every dish we had was fantastic.  Some dishes we liked more than others and ordered more than one serving but we didn’t sample any dish that we wasn’t enjoyed by someone at the table.
norwegian escape food republic cruise
We were pleased overall with the included dinner options on the Norwegian Escape (the main dining rooms, Savor, Taste and Manattan Room).  It is important to note that the Food Republic restaurant is not an included in the cruise fare and it is run as a regular restaurant on the ship; each item you order has it’s own price and at the end of the evening the total bill is charged to your ship card.  Nonetheless, I highly recommend saving up for this special treat if you’re ever on the Norwegian Escape or Bliss (Breakaway Plus class ships).
norwegian escape food republic
I’m sure they families reading this are wondering, Is Food Republic kid friendly??  If your kids love trying new things and have broad palates then yes!  If your kids prefer to stick with old favorites like mac and cheese and spaghetti then, no…  There is no kids menu at Food Republic but there is a wide variety of options for everyone to try.  If your kids aren’t slightly adventurous eaters, send them to the Splash Academy Kids Club for dinner and have a grown ups only meal at Food Republic.
norwegian escape food republic
If you have any questions about the Norwegian Escape, cruising as a family or need help planning your next cruise vacation please send me a message (click on Contact Me up at the top of this page).  I really enjoy helping others navigate the details of vacation planning and I would love to chat with you!
Have any of you sailed on the Escape?  For the fellow cruisers out there, what was your favorite dining experience on a cruise ship?

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  • Joan Cajic says:

    This makes me hungry, the food really does look great. Nice review.

  • Wow! Everything looks so fresh! I would love to give this place a try with my family!

  • Wow, those prices are amazing! It looks like a great place to grab a bite to eat while cruising. We’ve never been on a cruise, but would love to set sail one day!

    • Jeuelle Sam says:

      That was my thought as well; I would love to eat at this restaurant if it was on land! It definitely was a treat to experience it at sea. Let me know if you have any questions about cruising!

  • Jay Colby says:

    Great product review! Food Republic sounds like a great place to eat.

  • Tisha says:

    You know when food just looks like it’s gonna taste good? Yeah I got that with this! Now I’m mad bc I can’t get there anytime soon lol! Great review! The decor is so clean and simple- love it!

  • Sarah Bailey says:

    I’ve always wondered what it is like on a cruise and I find this so interesting, how you get and pay for the food for instance and the amazing amount on offer!

    • Jeuelle Sam says:

      Thanks for stopping by Sarah! Your cruise fare covers general food options (buffet restaurants and sit down dining) which can vary by cruise line. Many cruise lines now will offer specialty dining that is at an extra fee. This is one of the best restaurants at sea I have ever had a chance to experience…

  • Antoinette Cain says:

    The food choices look great. I’ve never been on a cruise, but would love to one day.

  • Nadeen says:

    I love to cruise too! We went on Norwegian Epic a few years ago and it was awesome. The steakhouse on that ship was amazing. This restaurant looks great as well. Will definitely keep it in mind on another Norwegian cruise.

  • Food Republic looks perfect for the cruise holiday. Loved the interiors, very elegant and tasteful. The idea of ordering food seated at the table sounds fantastic. Looks like you had a great time.

  • Ana says:

    I love that the tablets are on the tables so you can order your food with Convenience. And its great that they encourage children to eat more adventurously as well.

  • Terri says:

    This looks amazing! I haven’t been on a Norwegian cruise in years, but this makes me want to go.

  • Looks like I’ve found my next cruise! I’ve only ever been on two, both with Carnival, and the food is OK. I have heard that other cruises have better food options so I can’t wait to explore. I’m a true foodie!

    • Jeuelle Sam says:

      We cruise often (because we live in FL) and though Royal Caribbean and Disney are our favorite cruise lines, Norwegian is a great option for value. The food we had on this cruise fantastic, overall, from the main dining and buffet through to the specialty restaurants.

  • Kiwi says:

    First I love the innovation of ordering on a smart screen! i love that it has such a diverse menu of different food options I would love to dine here.

  • I had never heard of the place before! loving the tablets and the menu display! so interesting! the food looks so good! this is making me s hungry! xx corinne

  • Leslie says:

    Ooh it all looks so good. I am inspired to go on this cruise just to try this!

  • Toni says:

    The food actually looks fab! I’ve never heard of this place before, but I definitely want to try them out now. I am such a foodie!

  • Dee Jackson says:

    I like the vibes of Food Republic. I would love to hang out here with friends and grab a meal.

  • I have never heard of this place. It looks so fresh and chill! It would be amazing to come here with my family and hang. The food looks awesome as well. Thanks for sharing.

  • Anshika Juneja says:

    The food look so delicious. I loved the interiors, the ambience, it look so elegant. I’ll definitely check this place out.

  • This looks like the kind of place my BFF’s and myself would love to hang out at. Your photos are so realistic, it makes me want to go there right away. I love everything about this place.

  • Esse D says:

    The corn on the cob looks amazing! Cruise ship restaurants have really evolved since I last went on a vacation.

  • Kasi says:

    This food looks so good! I want it all!

  • kim says:

    This looks like such a neat place! Love the use of tablets and the menu display!

  • Ada says:

    All of these dishes look amazing. Like Dee, I’m loving the vibes of this place!

  • Stacie says:

    You had me at Caprese! The food and atmosphere look like it a great place to dine and hang out with friends.

  • Amila says:

    All these food look delicious.I like this ordering system.How easy and cool way to check the menu and order!

  • deb dutta says:

    gosh how yum is this!! I have to try it!

  • Lisa says:

    This looks amazing! I can’t wait to try it out.

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