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My newest wellness mini-course is designed for women, just like you, who want to combat anxiety and depression, right now, even in the midst of chaos, stress and uncertainty!

Chaos to Calm the Blueprint is the only mini-course that will empower you to boost your health, overcoming anxiety and depression by creating healthy routines to get you from day to day.

Imagine walking through the stress and chaos of life with strength, calm and resilience, no matter what comes your way…

Chaos to Calm:The Blueprint

... exactly what you need to reclaim your mind and body balance, unlocking a season of self-discovery and better health.

Boost your mental wellness and your brain health

YOU CAN reclaim your mind from anxiety, depressing thoughts, foggyheadedness and negative self-talk (because these parasites have drained your energy and your joy for far too long).

Build a sense of control by reclaiming your time

YOU CAN create a self-care routine that fills your spirit, allowing you to continue pouring out yourself to those who depend on you, those who you love (because you deserve it).

Build healthy, balanced eating habits

YOU CAN build eating habits that will nourish your mind and body AND still enjoy eating (and snacking) in healthy, balanced ways (because you want a lifestyle that is sustainable, not another restrictive fad diet).

Recenter yourself and find your purpose, even in the midst of uncertainty

YOU CAN rediscover your purpose in this life, even in the middle of crazy, stressful seasons (because you may not have control of what comes your way, but you do have control over how you face the curveballs life throws your way.

The secret to mental and physical balance is not the absence of stress but a wellness strategy.

You CAN face life's chaos with empowerment and joy!”


Five detailed strategies for the balanced woman:

  • The Balanced Daily Routine Blueprint
  • The Balanced Mindset Blueprint
  • The Blueprint for Balanced Nutrition & Eating
  • The Blueprint for Improved Sleep & Exercise
  • The Blueprint for a Balanced Future

Did someone say bonuses...?!

In addition to these powerpacked blueprints you'll find:

  • Video coaching and tips for each strategy session
  • Detailed guides on brain health and immune system dietary boosters
  • Brain and immunity boosting recipe book 

What Others Say 


Jeuelle packs her courses with valuable health and wellness information in an easy to understand way.  I am a clinician myself and I have learned so much about brain health that I didn't know.  I'm extremely grateful for the training.  It was well worth more than what I paid to join!

Tasha D. 


Jeuelle was an amazing coach for me.  She really took time to listen to my personal needs and develop a plan around that and what was going on in my personal life.  I truly felt that she always had my best interests in mind and would think outside the box if needed.  She helped me develop skills and good habits to get through the program but skills that I also continue to use this day!  Jeuelle has really been a blessing!!

Amber G.


WOW! This was such an incredible time of learning for me. I knew my thyroid was where I needed to spend the most time, but as I went through the brain health program, I realized how many other things I could improve. But Jeuelle's incredible gentle optimism gave me the feeling that I CAN do it, and that it's worth the work. Thank you!!

Charla V.

Jeuelle Ottley Sam, PA-C

I’m a certified physician assistant and a brain health coach for women like you who want to reclaim their mental health and physical well being so they can start to live in vibrancy, no matter what challenges they may face.

Just like you, I’m a busy mom, in the middle of this crazy global pandemic, fighting to stay balanced and “do all the things”.  I know you want to find a way to boost your moods and create better health for yourself because you know you have people counting on you.  Your kids, your family… They’re depending on you, looking to you for love and guidance as we navigate this chaotic life.

So, as cliche as it sounds, it’s truly time to start working smarter not harder…  And this blueprint is the ultimate time-saving, smart choice for the busy woman who is not about to stop, no matter how crazy life gets.

Get Access Now!

... Reclaim your POWER over stress and anxiety in the middle of this chaotic world with a strategy for success in mind-body balance.


Your balance, your health and your peace....

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