Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory

The Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory is located on the famous Duval Street in the heart of Key West.  While we were in town for a business conference I took the girls on an excursion to see this quaint museum and conservatory and it was very interesting.

We used one of the Key West Trolley Tour systems to get to the museum.  The nearest stop was a few blocks away but it was easy to find.


Visitors enter the conservatory through the gift shop areas; you can purchase tickets here easily.



The first room upon entry is a scientific exhibit about butterflies and flowers.  We spent just a few minutes here reading and exploring, the girls choosing their favorite types of butterflies that they planned to look for.




We then headed into the actual conservatory and we were almost overwhelmed with what we saw.  I’m not sure what I expected but I was surprised at the amount of the butterflies flying freely in this lovely, lush space!


My girls immediately started freaking out LOL so I had to give them a pep talk and we began to walk the path through the conservatory.



There were many birds, naturally resting in the habitats, and plenty of beautiful flowers.



At different intervals there were small trays set out with fruit for the butterflies to stop and feed on; these provided great opportunities for close up photos and close viewing of the butterflies.




I will be honest, my girls didn’t enjoy the experiences as much as I hoped they would because of the almost overwhelming amount of butterflies flying around the space.


There was a lot of ducking and squealing from my lovely little ones so we rushed to the end of the walkway, towards the exit of the conservatory where they found a somewhat protected area to stand by and watch the nature scenes before them.


We didn’t stay very long at the conservatory and honestly, there was not a lot to see there.  Nonetheless it was a lovely excursion and I feel it is a great stop for any family who is visiting Key West.


What is your favorite place to visit when in lovely Key West?

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