Mayan Cacao Factory and Playa Mia Beach Club

mayan cacao entrance

In spring of this year we were blessed to go on a Disney Cruise that stopped in Cozumel Mexico.  We took a shore excursion (through the cruise line) that stopped at San Gervaisio Mayan ruins and also at the Playa Mia Beach Club which shares property with the Mayan Cacao Factory.

Mayan Cacao Hut Museum2

MayanCacao Hut mueseum wall

Upon arrival at the Mayan Cacao Factory we first entered a small museum of sorts where Juan, our expert tour guide for the day, gave us the history of cacao in Mexican culture including harvesting and preparation of the beans for consumption.

MayanCacao Holding Beans

We were treated to an expertly performed demonstration of how cacao can be prepared and how it is traditionally consumed, in much stronger formulations than are commonly used.

MayanCacao Demonstration2

We were offered free samples of a hot cacao drink that was 90% strength; it was very strong but there were tables next to the sample area where we could add brown sugar, honey, cinnamon and other spices to create our own mix.

MayanCacao Cocoa Buffet2

After our tour of the factory we were allowed into the beach club and had about 90 minutes to enjoy there. There was a buffet area serving lunch, which was great, authentic Mexican food.

PlayaMia Buffet Collage

There were so many options on the buffet; I was impressed and enjoyed everything I had there.

BeachClub eating


Beach Buffet Meal

There were a couple pools and a water play area for the kids with water slides. Plenty of loungers were available on the beach as well as umbrellas. There was a massage tent toward the back of the beach with masseuses on stand by. Water sports were also available for a small fee as well as life jackets for kids.

Beach Club View

Hubby took the kids into the pool and the play area but I never budged from the pavillion where the buffet was. From my table (in the shade) I could see the water, the beach and the pools. It was relaxing where I was and the fresh ocean breeze was captivating.

Beach Club Inflatable play

Beach Club Beach Loungers

At the appointed time we  joined our group back on the coach bus that was heading to the port.  We really enjoyed our time on Cozumel exploring the Mayan Cacao Company and Playa Mia Beach Club and would highly recommend it for families and groups looking for a little bit of culture and a little time on the beach.

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