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Decoding Stress and Your Body

In the first lesson we discuss the many types of stress pressuring moms today.  You'll learn about how stress affects your body and will find some simple tips on how to manage stress daily.

Good Stress vs. Bad Stress

Wait at second!  Stress can be good for you?!  In the second lesson we discuss the concept of good stress vs bad stress and how you can make stress actually work for you!

Outsmarting Anxiety

I wish I could say that I have the key for completely avoiding anxiety, altogether. But we both know that's not possible.  Becoming stress and anxiety savvy is key to managing these issues when they arise and preventing them from taking over!  What we will discuss in lesson three is how to narrow down the sources of anxiety and strategically handle anxiety in your life.

Our Expert

Jeuelle Sam is an Amen Clinics Certified Brain Health Coach and she has been a Certified Physician Assistant for more than 16 years.  Her passion is to encourage people to pursue brain healthy lifestyles and reach their greatest health potential.  

As a wife, mom and health entrepreneur she can totally relate to the weight of stress and responsibilities that are weighing down on women each day.   The struggle for balance can certainly overwhelm the best of us at times. Living a brain-healthy lifestyle builds our resilience and helps us live a balanced, stress savvy life.

Our Course Overview

The Stress Savvy Moms Guide

The levels of stress and anxiety in our lives can be overwhelming and trying to get a handle on them can seem like an uphill climb.  But, you know what? Life may be tough but, darling, so are you!  By downloading and working through Stress Savvy Moms Guide you can join the community of women who are dedicated to taking their lives back and taking control of the stress and anxiety in their lives.  

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